RadSiteTM, a CMS-recognized accrediting agency promoting quality-based diagnostic imaging, announces the third complimentary webinar of its 2018 Winter Educational Series, entitled Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Hype, Reality and Future Applications. The session will take place on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, at 12:00 p.m. EST and will last approximately one hour.

Internationally recognized radiologist Eliot Siegel, M.D., RadSite’s Chief Technology Officer and Standards Committee Chair, will lead the webinar. Dr. Siegel also serves as professor and vice chair at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, and chief of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine for the Veterans Affairs Maryland Healthcare System.

During the session, Dr. Siegel will explain how machine learning works in principle, highlight current trends in artificial intelligence (AI) as being applied today in the medical field, and how these technology advancements can be used in diagnostic and interventional radiology in the future.  He also will predict what the future role of radiologists and other imaging professionals will be as these new technology applications take hold.

“Through Dr. Siegel’s insights focusing on emerging technology applications, his presentation will provide attendees key information on how to promote quality outcomes and business intelligence in all medical practice settings, especially for imaging,” notes Garry Carneal, J.D., M.A., RadSite’s Advisory Board Chair. “This webinar is a must attend event for anyone who has an interest in how technology is going to change current imaging practices.” Carneal will moderate the webinar.

“Profile challenges in machine learning and artificial intelligence such as the ‘Jeopardy!’ challenge in 2011 and Google Deep Mind’s triumph at the board game, Go, have resulted in unprecedented speculation and concern about the end of radiology,” comments Dr. Siegel. “People are wondering whether radiologists can expect to be replaced within the next 20 years, when, in fact, we have tremendous potential to provide a more efficient, efficacious, and safe practice using machine learning. This webinar will cover how machine learning will continue to evolve in radiology and what we can expect to be the most important applications in diagnostic imaging within the next decade.”

While the webinar is complimentary, pre-registration is strongly encouraged. To register, click here. To listen to RadSite’s previous webinars, including January’s The Importance of Imaging Physics Testing, click here.

RadSite is a leading accreditation agency for diagnostic imaging quality as designated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). RadSite is one of four advanced diagnostic imaging organizations recognized by CMS in the U.S.

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