RadSite’s comprehensive accreditation program evaluates providers against established industry standards and best practices—and we take a consultative approach. We help customers understand the intent behind the standards and how to implement quality productively.

Our mission is to promote the highest imaging quality and patient safety.

Why RadSite?

We create higher quality and more appropriate utilization of imaging services. That means positive clinical and financial outcomes for payers, imaging providers, and patients.


RadSite offers educational programs and underwrites research to raise awareness on patient safety issues and to promote best practices. RadSite also produces webinars, newsletters, and issue briefs such as the Consumer Guide to Imaging Modalities in order to inform the public about topics related to imaging. RadSite helps customers stay proactive by providing information on changing regulations and industry trends that are impacting imaging providers.

Cost-Effective Quality

Unlike other agencies, RadSite does not charge re-submission fees or separate modality fees. A single machine is accredited at a single price—no matter how much specialty imaging is performed on each imaging system. Our baseline cost is 18% lower than that of other agencies, and we provide discounts to accredit multiple machines and facilities. Discounts also apply to small providers in rural areas.


RadSite is the only agency that offers all providers a 60-day corrective action period to remedy any deficiencies and improve their processes rather than failing outright. We also deliver constructive feedback through on-site consultations to help all applicants take gradual steps to improve their quality. This underscores our mission—to contribute expertise to the imaging industry, not merely to approve or deny applications.

Personal Account Manager

Every applicant is assigned a dedicated account manager. This means that each customer can connect with an accreditation professional who can advise on quality standards and who is familiar with that particular facility. Applicants do not have to wait on hold, phone a call center, or explain issues to a new person each time. This emphasis on the relationship helps applicants improve overall quality.

Services Designed for the Future of Accreditation

MIPPA Accreditation

Comprehensive, trusted quality and safety criteria to meet today’s standards.

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Benefits for Payers

Delivering better care hand-in-hand with private payer and Radiology Benefit Management (RBM) partners.

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Accreditation Directory

A growing list of trusted, compliant advanced diagnostic imaging providers.

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“RadSite has simplified the accreditation experience. We currently have transitioned over 25 pieces of equipment in three states to RadSite. RadSite is leading the way in focused accreditation standards, while other accreditors seems to focus on making the experience extremely difficult.”

  • Gilbert Ortiz, Director

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