Advantages for Payers

RadSite advances its mission by collaborating with different stakeholders in healthcare. We work with private payer organizations and Radiology Benefit Management (RBM) companies to increase quality initiatives—and deliver better care to patients.

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The Link Between Quality, Accreditation, and Cost Savings

A well-credentialed imaging network leads to more appropriate utilization of imaging procedures and greater cost savings overall. Mandatory accreditation creates a national network of advanced diagnostic imaging providers, so that both payers and RBMs can generate savings from improved quality practices.

“Quality imaging saves money by creating the shortest path to an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment. It’s shown that high-quality providers bill less for diagnostic imaging.”

Elliot Siegel, M.D.
Medical Director, RadSite

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A primary goal of the RadSite accreditation process is to help payers secure quality-driven, cost-effective radiology services. RadSite accreditation helps produce the most consistent, positive outcomes.

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