Julie Irons, HIA, HCSA, RadSite Accreditation Manager

Do you have an active application with RadSite, or are you considering using RadSite to accredit your advanced diagnostic imaging (ADI) equipment?   If so, we have some good news for you.  In recent months, we have been upgrading the RadSite Online Accreditation Portal and making it more user friendly.

The RadSite Portal automates key workflows around each accreditation application to make the process more efficient and meaningful. Key aspects of the process are automated in terms of how applicants initiate an accreditation application, how they fill out the responses, and how they upload key documents. This allows RadSite reviewers to review accreditation applications online and provide feedback during the review process.

In addition, a few recent Portal updates have been implemented:

    • First, a new menu item called “Resources” has been added. In Resources, applicants will find educational documents to help them answer key questions and navigate through the application process. The new Resource page includes the Standards, the Portal Tutorial, the document check list and the accreditation agreement templates.
    • Secondly, we have added a submission countdown function so applicants can keep track of how much time they have left to submit their application. If an applicant gets close to zero, they can contact RadSite to discuss their options, including a possible extension.
    • Thirdly, a new format for the “document upload page” has been launched. We’ve added new file navigation capabilities at the bottom of the page to help applicants move more quickly through the document upload process.
    • Finally, once the application process and an accreditation decision has been made, imaging providers can now access accreditation documents and the final report.

RadSite continually makes updates behind the scenes to improve the user experience and the underlying functionality.

Current users can check out the Portal at www.radsiteportal.com. We are always looking to improve the application portal, so if you have comments or suggestions, click the Contact airplane in the Portal, the Contact Us page at www.radsitequality.com or send us an email at info@radsitequality.com.

Stay tuned as RadSite continues to diversify its quality programs and services.

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