A recent analysis of more than half a million men and women from around the world found that employees who put in long hours at the office were 33 percent more likely to suffer a stroke than colleagues who clocked out earlier. Even employees who worked just over 40 hours a week experienced a significant increase in stroke and cardiovascular disease risk, according to results published online in the Lancet.

The research explains:

Sudden death from overwork is often caused by stroke and is believed to result from a repetitive triggering of the stress response. Behavioural mechanisms, such as physical inactivity, might also link long working hours and stroke. A hypothesis supported by evidence of an increased risk of incident stroke in individuals who sit for long periods at work. Physical inactivity can increase the risk of stroke through various biological mechanisms. Additionally, heavy alcohol consumption—a risk factor for all types of stroke—might be a contributing factor because employees working long hours seem to be slightly more prone to risky drinking than are those who work standard hours.

As a result of these findings, employees who work long hours should pay extra attention to the management of their vascular risk factors. Stroke risk and coronary heart disease are often examined by diagnostic imaging procedures such as a cardiac stress test, nuclear medicine exam or other study recommended by a physician.

Diagnostic Imaging Procedures

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