We invite you to watch the third recorded webinar in our Winter Educational Series, Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Hype, Reality and Future Applications. Eliot Siegel, M.D., FSIIM, FACR, Chief Technology Officer for RadSite, presented an in-depth overview of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) as it pertains to radiology. Garry Carneal, J.D., MA, RadSite President and Advisory Board Chair, moderated the session.

Dr. Siegel’s presentation covered what machine learning is (and isn’t) and what it means for the future of radiology.  He explains that while AI can learn how to recognize an image, it cannot determine what is wrong with an image, and that while computers will become excellent at making predictions, human judgment will be needed for a long, long time.

You will also hear Dr. Siegel’s answers to these questions:

  • What keeps you up at night regarding AI?
  • Is your perspective that unique? What is going on to downplay radiology? How could these experts in machine learning get it so incredibly wrong?
  • How will RadSite continue to incorporate artificial intelligence?

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