Meet Dr. William Orrison, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer for RadSite

Meet Dr. William Orrison, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer for RadSite

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  • Meet Dr. William Orrison | RadSite Chief Medical Officer

Almost 20 years ago, Dr. William “Bill” Orrison realized that there was a serious disconnect between the safety and standards of equipment and the personnel involved in medical diagnostic imaging. Based on his knowledge and expertise, Dr. Orrison knew that this disconnect could result in patients being exposed to unsafe levels of radiation. With such horrible examples of misuse, Orrison had to act to help standardize the industry.

“We started gathering data in 2000 and found there was a tremendous variation in the quality of radiology services” said Dr. Orrison. “People were using obsolete CT equipment and out-of-date X-ray devices. Some of the radiation exposure people received was not safe. There were egregious examples of misuse. One exceptionally bad example was the number of clinics that were operating radiation equipment without a state license. In these instances, the states didn’t even know these places existed in spite of the fact that they should have been operating under the state’s supervision.”

As a physician and researcher, Dr. Orrison is a nationally-known expert in radiation safety who has focused his career primarily on the development of advanced neuroimaging technologies. In addition to serving as RadSite’s chief medical officer, Dr. Orrison is the chief of neuroradiology at SimonMed Imaging in Las Vegas.

After several years of observing the industry and organizing data, Orrison and several colleagues developed a process that would enhance radiological standards to ensure the use of safe equipment and dosage levels to protect every patient. In 2005, RadSite was born from this process. “In the 11 years since RadSite was founded, we have continued to push the quality of imaging forward while reducing radiation exposure across the country” says Orrison.

Years of effort and the compilation of a comprehensive set of standards has positioned RadSite as a leader in accrediting imaging facilities. In 2013, CMS approved RadSite as one of four accreditation organizations for advanced diagnostic imaging (ADI) under MIPPA.

What Sets RadSite Apart

According to Dr. Orrison, RadSite is different than other accreditation bodies in two primary areas. RadSite places tremendous emphasis on:

1. Patient Safety

    The standards under RadSite require that facilities have high quality equipment that is being used correctly with a particular emphasis on safety in pediatric imaging.

2. Uniform Quality

    When payers require the RadSite seal of approval they are assured that the quality of the images they pay for is uniform and consistent.

Dr. Orrison’s Background

Dr. Orrison is the author of more than 150 medical publications and abstracts, five neuroradiology textbooks, and numerous book chapters and reviews. He holds radiology-related patents in three countries and has several patents pending. He has served on the editorial review board of the American Journal of Neuroradiology, International Journal of Neuroradiology, and Radiology. Dr. Orrison served as professor and chair of the department of radiology at the University of Utah School of Medicine, where he completed his executive MBA. He graduated from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, completed neurology and radiology residencies at the University of Wisconsin, and acquired neuroradiology fellowships at the University of Wisconsin and Ulleval Hospital in Oslo, Norway.

Final Thoughts | Dr. William Orrison

RadSite is a leader in promoting quality-based imaging standards – along with safety and business efficiency practices in health care. RadSite’s MIPPA Accreditation Program (MAP) offers insurers an excellent contract management tool to focus on outcomes, costs and a quality improvement framework that brings value to your organization’s management of imaging services. We also offer educational programs, publish issue briefs and underwrite research on a complimentary basis to raise awareness of patient safety issues and to promote best practices.

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